The 5 Pivots to Make Now to Keep More of What You Earn While Seeking to Avoid Unnecessary Taxes, Increase Net Worth and Build a Legacy


Paying Unnecessary Taxes

For many business owners taxes are one of their largest expenses.  Unfortunately, paying too much to Uncle Sam is far too common.  Business owners need proactive tax planning not reactive tax preparing.


Discover the strategies to build and seek to preserve your net worth outside your business.

Can you relate to any of these common problems many business owners are facing today?

No Financial Plan for the Future

In our opinion, it's impossible to get where you want to go without creating your Yellow Brick Road.  Business owners need to get clear on where they are, be clear on where they want to go and create the path to get them there.


Too Reliant on the Business

Financial Freedom can be achieved when your assets provide enough cash flow for you to live on without being actively involved.  In our opinion, a business owner's biggest challenge is converting the business asset to financial assets over time in a tax-efficient manner.



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Read on to see how business owners are seeking to simplify their complex financial lives, after partnering with Celestial Wealth Management.

Who this is for?

Our proprietary financial planning process is available to solo entrepreneurs who generate at least $250,000 in revenue and business owners with employees who generate between $500,000 and $10,000,000 of revenue.

If you've felt these frustrations - you're not alone

If you have struggled to keep more of what you make and build wealth outside your business, it's not your fault.

Many of the business owners we work with have been in your shoes before.  They came to us knowing how to generate money. But, many had never learned how to hold on to it, how to control it, and how to grow it.  They grew equally frustrated with the "old formula", so we decided to fix it.

We developed the training, 5 Pivots to Make Now, in response to the lack of success many business owners had working within old, outdated, passed down, financial strategies.

Learn to Pay Yourself First

Most entrepreneurs are living month to month.  It may be good living, but it is still month to month. The COVID-19 virus has exposed the cracks in many people's financial foundations.  One of the ways to potentially fix the foundation is to rethink one part of the old, outdated formula.  You know the one...

Revenue - Expenses = Profit

On the surface, the formula makes sense.  Sell as much of your product and service as you can.  Subtract what it costs you to sell the product and what you have leftover is profit. Here’s the problem...there are rarely any leftovers.

But, what if there is another way? What if you challenged conventional thinking and reversed engineered the formula. What if instead of trying to “grow into profit”, you instead paid yourself first?  

The formula becomes

 Profit = Sales - Expenses.  

Your brain starts to look at profit differently.  Now it isn’t a leftover, it’s a goal. It is what we are striving for. We help business owners implement new formulas to keep more of what you make, strive to grow and preserve wealth and build a legacy.

Our goal is simple:  Empower business owners around the country to build their Yellow Brick Road toward prosperity and financial freedom.

If you're a successful business owner looking to build your Yellow Brick Road this is YOUR opportunity.

We invite you to check out the 35-minute training, 5 Pivots to Make Now and begin your journey toward financial freedom.

About the Presenter

Colin B. Exelby, CFP® is the founder of Celestial Wealth Management, and writes the personal finance blog See The Forest Through the Trees.  Mr. Exelby has been helping clients build their Yellow Brick Road toward financial freedom for over 19 years.