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6 Economic Indicators to Understand, U.S. News and World Report 1/10/2019

Colin Exelby, CFP® contributed to an interesting article by Geoff Williams in U.S. News and World Report that discusses important economic indicators that may give you insight into the state of the economy. Getty Images If you’re worried about the health of the economy, look at these important metrics. Keeping an eye on important indicators…

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Monthly Path Toward Prosperity- May 2018

WHAT IS NORMAL? How much volatility is normal? THINK LONG-TERM Hitch your wagon to long-term innovation WHERE ARE INTEREST RATES HEADED? If  only knew… Quantitative Easing’s Effect on the Dollar Different than many had thought SUMMARY OF INVESTMENT THEMES WHAT ARE NORMAL STOCK MARKET RETURNS? This is a question I get from almost every new…

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